Optimization & High Performance Computing

Are you not satisfied with the performance of your modeling or simulation software? Wanting to accelerate your computations? Wondering which parallelization technique and parallel architecture to use?

EZNumeric can advise you on how to parallelize your algorithm/software and what hardware setup and parallelization techniques will be the most beneficial to achieve a significant speedup.

Areas of expertise

  • Parallelization techniques using
    • OpenMP
    • MPI
    • GPU(s)
  • Scientific software optimization
  • GPGPU in
  • Heterogeneous Map-Reduce: in-house parallel framework

Programming tools

  • OpenMP (many-cores, XeonPhi)
  • MPI
  • GPGPU : CUDA, OpenCL
  • Socket programming


| Performance and scalability of finite-difference and finite-element wave-propagation modeling on Intel’s Xeon Phi
| A comparison of continuous mass-lumped finite elements with finite differences for 3-D wave propagation
Reduction of computing time for least-squares migration based on the Helmholtz equation by graphics processing units
Closing the performance gap between an iterative frequency-domain solver and an explicit time-domain scheme for 3D migration on parallel architectures
3D Helmholtz Krylov Solver Preconditioned by a Shifted Laplace Multigrid Method on Multi-GPUs
GPU implementation of a Helmholtz Krylov solver preconditioned by a shifted Laplace multigrid method

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