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Analysis server

Realtime machine learning

Over the past few years, we have been developing a CAI-Server (Customized AI Server Software as a Service). The CAI-Server is a unique multi-component software platform that gathers streaming data, make sense out of the data to produce results that allow customers to make data-driven decisions.

On top of the CAI-Server, EZNumeric has been developing a suite of software that can be used by crypto startups. This way crypto startups do not have to start development from scratch but can make use of our turn-key infrastructure, thereby lowering risks and reducing development time by at least 2 years.

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big data solutions

Big Data Solutions & Machine Learning

Did it happen to you that when someone mentions big data, you think ”I want to do it too! But I need to get a cluster, maybe even a Hadoop cluster, I need to hire a Data scientist but wait a year before getting results”. That sounds like a big investment and you are not even sure it will pay out. You might not know where to start.

EZNumeric can help you to setup and execute a big data trial/proof of concept/feasibility study to solve your problem using your data.

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Optimization & High Performance Computing

Are you not satisfied with the performance of your modeling or simulation software? Wanting to accelerate your computations? Wondering which parallelization technique and parallel architecture to use?

EZNumeric can advise you on how to parallelize your algorithm/software and what hardware setup and parallelization techniques will be the most beneficial to achieve a significant speedup.

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